The Holburn Bar: from head-scratching to body-shaking

If you like your pub quizzes to be tough, you have to be at The Holburn Bar on a Thursday night. Sometimes billed as the hardest quiz with the worst prizes, this weekly contest attracts around 30 teams, has a strict no-smartphone policy and throws in an extra prize for the smallest team, ensuring there's no safety in numbers. At the sillier end of the scale, the Saturday-night disco is defiantly cheesy and attracts a 40-plus crowd with pop's catchiest monstrosities. The Holburn Bar had the first disco in the city and still has a regular dance night on a Friday. It also supports male and female football up the road at weekends. You can also hire our 125-capacity function room for 21st birthdays, hen nights, retirement parties and other celebrations. It's all part of the tremendous community spirit that keeps everyone - men, women and children - coming back again and again.